About Us

We support, connect, and advocate for our business community

The Chamber is a leader and champion for an inclusive, resilient and informed business community.

The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization helping promote your business and raise your profile in the area of Prince Rupert, Port Edward and neighbouring communities.

As the voice of business in the area, we represent businesses spanning a variety of industries, specialties and interests. With nearly 300 members, our Chamber membership includes our community’s biggest employers, small and medium size businesses as well as home-based entrepreneurs, non-profits and more.

We are moving forward with fresh ideas and a genuine sense of excitement for where we are going as an organization. The Chamber strives to have a focus on strong policy that supports local businesses, be a visible and approachable presence in the community and ensure that the value of membership is the best investment businesses can make.

Our Values

We believe in...

Therefore we will...


Do what we say we will do


Prepare & plan ahead


Celebrate our successes


Serve members’ needs


Communicate Openly


Be the best we can be


Say What We Do


Chambers hold regular networking events to allow directors and members to exchange ideas, develop relationships, and improve their professional network. Be part of a collective voice of a greater Provincial and National Chamber network.

Constructively work with other top-level business-minded individuals as a director


Have the opportunity to grow your network, and grow in an Executive (First Vice President, Second Vice President, President) position.


Work on policies and recommendations for the business community on both municipal, provincial, and national issues.

Be part of a collective voice in the local, provincial, and national business community.

Allows you to be on a platform that can inspire and motivate other entrepreneurs and business owners to help resolve business community issues.


Learn to work with other business professionals through seminars, training sessions, and chamber meetings. Learn and become more involved with business within Prince Rupert and the surrounding communities

Our History

Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce has been engaged in the community from the early days of Prince Rupert,

starting in 1908 as the Board of Trade and incorporated in 1910. In 1929 the organization transitioned to become the Chamber of Commerce.

Many dedicated local business people have had a hand in directing the Chamber over the years along for over 110 years.

Past Presidents

2022 Daphne Thomson

2021 Michael J. Gurney

2020 Michelle Boomars-MacNeill

2019 Michelle Boomars-MacNeill

2018 Dave McKeever

2017 Michelle Bryant-Gravelle

2016 Keith Lambourne

2015 Rosa Miller

2014 John Farrell

2013 Jason Scherr

2012 Jason Scherr

2011 Chad Cunningham

2010 Maynard Angus

2009 Deb Stava

2008 Deb Stava

2007 Wendy Prystay

2006 Michael Jackson

2005 Michael Jackson

2004 Mark Newbery

2003 Bill Parmar

2002 Maureen Macarenko

2001 Charlie Parkin

2000 Charlie Parkin

1999 Peggy Youden

1998 Dave Walker

1997 Allan Sheppard

1996 Allan Sheppard

1995 Charlie Parkin

1994 Doug Mackereth

1993 Don Scott

1992 Vince Arimare

1991 Rick Lindseth

1990 Robert Olson

1989 Jay Strong

1988 Paul Kennedy

1987 Nancy Wilson

1986 Brian Eby

1985 Steve Smith

1984 Gord Gillam

1983 John McNish

1982 Don Silversides

1981 Jack Payne

1980 Roy Webber

1979 Norm Parham

1978 Richard Lutz

1977 Larry Valentin

1976 Vincent Dodd

1975 Ed Oystensen

1974 Roy Last

1973 Noel Woodworth

1972 R.L. Eby

1971 E.T.S. Moore

1970 Don Forward

1969 R.C.S. Graham

1968 W.J. Smith

1967 A.S. Bill

1966 W.B.N. Hick

1965 O.J. Eidsvik

1964 W.D. Stothert

1963 Neil MacDonald

1962 Dr. R.G. Large

1961 A.T. Crawley

1960 John Guthrie

1958 A.B. Brown

1957 J.D. McRae

1956 E.R. Gordon

1955 A.S. Nickerson

1954 P.H. Linzey

1953 Orme G. Stuart

1952 T. Norton Youngs

1951 J.C. Gilker

1950 I.M. Felsenthol

1949 G.R.A. Blackaby

1948 Dr. R. G. Large

1947 G.A. Hunter

1946 W.F. Stone

1945 G.C. Mitchell

1944 W.J. Scott

1943 R.M. Winslow

1942 Arnold Flaten

1941 W.R. McAfee

1940 W.M. Watts

1939 J.T. Harvey

1938 F.A. MacCallum

1937 J.J. Little

1936 W.M. Blackstone

1935 C.V. Evitt

1934 John Dybhavn

1933 T.B. Johnson

1932 J.H. Pillsbury

1931 B.J. Mellish

1930 G.P. Tinker

1929 Milton Gonzales

1928 J.W. Nicholls

1927 W.O. Fulton

1926 Olof Hanson

1925 G.W. Nickerson

1924 S.J. McLeod

1923 E.C. Gibbons

1922 C.H. Orme

1921 W.E. Williams

1920 S.E. Parker

1919 M.P McCaffrey

1918 H.S. Wallace

1917 G.H. Woodland

1916 G.W. Nickerson

1915 D.G. Stewart

1914 G.R. Naden

1913 F.G. Dawson

1912 F.H. Mobley

1911 A.J. Morris

1910 Julius Levy

1909 Jack Houston & Thomas Dunn

1908 Fred Stork


Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce
100-515 3rd Avenue West, Prince Rupert, BC, V8J 1L9
(250) 624-2296
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