Business Excellence Awards

Every year, the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce, residents, employees and business owners join together to honour and celebrate business excellence. These awards publicly recognize outstanding businesses, organizations and individuals that demonstrate excellence in business and a passion for the community.

Thank you to everyone who attended our Business Excellence Awards Ceremony on Saturday, February 29th at the Lester Centre of the Arts! The communities love for the business community was in full display, and we appreciate each and everyone one of you. Congratulations to all of the nominee’s, finalists and award winners in this years Business Excellence Awards, each of you are important members in our community!

Thank you to Lonnie Wishart Photography for snapping the memories from the nights events. Please visit our facebook page to view the photo’s.

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2019-2020 BEA Award Winners

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How can I help to spread the good word?
Share the nominations period with everyone. Use e-mail, social media (facebook or twitter), print and put up this poster, send a carrier pigeon – whatever method you like to remind people that this is the time to recognize amazing businesses in our region.
I'd like to nominate a business, how do I do that?
This is a great way to recognize your favourite local business(es). Click on the category below that you would like to nominate a business in, or pop over to, provide a few words about why the business deserves to be nominated in that category (this information helps us select the finalists) and Presto! You’re done. We pass your submission along to the nominated company, so that they can share and celebrate the acknowledgement with their team. They may then be selected as a finalist!
What are the eligibility criteria?
In order to be eligible for nomination for any of the award categories the nominee must be located within the region of Prince Rupert and surrounding communities. Qualified candidates are encouraged to nominate themselves (after all, no one knows your business better than you) or you may nominate any qualified individual, or business for any of the award categories. These awards are open to all businesses whether or not they are a Chamber Member.
How are the finalists selected?
The selections committee takes on the daunting task of selecting the finalists by scoring each nominee against the criteria and spirit of each award.


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