Author: Janet Song

October 2020 Message from Chamber President

Systemic racism. White privilege. Sexism. Topics of 2020. Leaders, no matter where you lead, need to learn to be uncomfortable in conversations that relate to these topics. I don’t believe we can fairly expect our leaders to handle these situations perfectly as they arise in day-to-day life. But we should expect them to stand up for those without a voice or a platform from which to speak. To learn. To guide others through these waters. To challenge humanity to do better. At the recent BC provincial debate, the candidates were asked how they have reckoned with their own white privilege. In my opinion, both our Premier and the Liberal Party leader fell short in their responses. However, it prompted me to ask myself the question: “How would I have responded?” It is another of many times I have reflected on this subject this year. The even more vital question is: what would I do or say if faced with such a situation today? If racism, sexism or an example of white privilege showed up right in front of me? We have all had those moments—those ones like the Liberal Party “roast” that was recently broadcast, containing overt sexism. This episode was terrible for so many reasons but perhaps most impactful was that it was perpetrated by one woman on another. Coupled with the failure of the party leader in...

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THURSDAY, OCTOBER 1, 2020 PRINCE RUPERT, BRITISH COLUMBIA — The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce today announced it will host two All Candidates Forums in advance of the BC provincial election on October 24. Eligible candidates for the office of North Coast MLA will respond to questions and engage in debate during live broadcasts on Wednesday, October 7 and Thursday, October 8. The first Forum will be dedicated to issues of concern to the major population centres in the North Coast Electoral District: Prince Rupert and Port Edward. The second Forum will highlight matters of relevance to residents of Haida Gwaii, Bella Bella (Heiltsuk First Nation), Hartley Bay (Gitga’at First Nation) and other rural communities. It is the first time the Chamber has offered two distinct opportunities for MLA candidates to debate publicly. “The Chamber provides support and advocates for businesses located throughout our coastal economy,” said Michelle Boomars-MacNeill, President of the Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce. “We’re all connected, but our priorities may differ depending on where we live and do business. As we prepare to choose our representative in the BC Legislature, we believe it’s important to respect the diversity of our region by giving a voice to every type of community.” Two regional media personalities will moderate the debates. The Forum on October 7th will be moderated by Matthew Allen, Associate Producer...

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Chamber Presidential Message – September 17, 2020

Insightful Conversation & Good Food at September Virtual Luncheon 2020 Thank you to Derek Vallee of Alta Gas for the updates from RIPET as well as for their luncheon sponsorship. As well to Paul Minhas from the Sunset Lounge & Grill for the provision of lunch via vouchers for attendees. This was the Chamber’s first virtual luncheon platform, which we hope to evolve into a live/virtual event as we move through the pandemic this fall. It was well attended and there was great engagement from the attendees. We at the Chamber appreciate your support. Presidential Message for 2020/2021 Working in a the unprecedented time of a pandemic Like many of you, the Pandemic knocked me sideways on many levels. As a community citizen, business owner, organization leader and consumer I have taken much of the past 6 months to pause and reflect, I mean really reflect, on how I can better support my community. As we were forced in to a simpler life of home, work and family at the beginning of the pandemic; foregoing meals out, excess spending, and no travel, I know I found myself reflecting on my spending, savings and preparedness habits. I also really reflected on whether I had done enough prior to this crisis to personally to support the businesses in my own backyard. As things began to open back up, I made a...

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