Author: Janet Song

Last Call to Join our Board of Directors Team

Interested in supporting your local business community?   Application deadline extended to Wednesday, March 31st at 11:59pm – get the application here & email it to Join our Board of Directors of Prince Rupert & District Chamber of Commerce to receive the benefits of: -Leadership in supporting our local, provincial, and national business community -Opportunity to grow your network -Strengthen in Advocacy Work through developing policy & recommendations in our business community -Seeing Progress in our business community excel when working with our business professionals   Click here to review our information package about the benefits, commitments, and...

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Presidential Pause: January 2021

I wanted to start by saying Happy New Year to our business community. Your partnership with the Chamber, your commitment to your community and each other is exactly what the world needs more of when times get tough. And 2020 was beyond even my own definition of tough. My own work leader reminded us this week that January 18th is the toughest day of any year, and it probably didn’t help that it fell on a Monday! This is because the 18th is the farthest point either side of Christmas and the next long weekend (February), and as we all know in Prince Rupert, smack in the middle of winter storm season. I thank you all for continuing the journey with us as we transition from the tumultuous year that was 2020 and towards the hopeful rebuilding of 2021.   In my local shopping excursions over the past month, I have had conversations with business owners to see how their year, and season, was going. The prevailing consensus was that the year was better than expected what with a pandemic, and the holiday season was shaping up to be quite positive. Eddie’s News, Maverick Foods and Harris & Wick all felt the uptick of local shopping, perhaps due in part to people have some excess cash saved from not travelling and in making a more concerted effort to spend their money...

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Presidential Pause…November Chamber Luncheon Moments

Welcome to our new business members Matrix Labour Leasing, Export Navigator, Park Derochie and Pacific Aurora Group. Thank you to our luncheon sponsor and speaker, Justin Kohlman of Coast Mountain College, and our food sponsor The Pavillion Resturant and their sister restaurant, The Olive. I won’t take up much of your time today as I am myself excited to see what Justin Kohlman from Coast Mountain College has to show us!  As this is our last Chamber luncheon for 2020 I wanted to once again express my sincere gratitude to you, our membership & business community for your dedication to your businesses, industries, crafts and community.  Stepping up and putting yourselves out there, day after day, shows an unwavering dedication to each other and our future as a resilient community.  2020 has been unlike any challenge most of us have faced in our time, an economic and health crisis like no other. Businesses have had to adapt, get creative and sometimes, just hang on. This holiday and winter season is going to look and feel different and will be challenging for many of us to get through. My ask of you all is this. Model the idea of local and regional buying and giving. Give the gifts of a small business or a local artisan. Gift more to a charity who has seen their fundraising suffer, and are stretched...

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Promoting your business this Holiday Shopping Season 2020

 We want to help promote your business this Holiday Shopping Season! If your business has any specific holiday promotions that you would like to get additional exposure, a fun idea or contest for Plaid Friday, or if you simply just want to get involved, we would love to hear from you! Simply send your ideas and promotions, including any posters or ads you may have on the ready, to: Kaitlyn Joyce, Business Liaison for Community Futures Pacific Northwest and the City’s Economic Development Office (250) 622 2332 Time-specific promotions will be added to a calendar available via the Chamber’s website and promoted/shared on social media. If you are looking to promote a Plaid Friday event/sale, please try to provide details by end of day Thursday, November 12th, so that we can be sure to share it in the weeks leading up to the event (but also don’t be afraid to shoot us a last minute request – we know these are busy times!). It’s our intent to run a sponsored post with a link to this calendar throughout the holiday shopping season – so there’s a one-stop-shop to find your promotions. We know that businesses have been hard hit by the pandemic – so may not be in a place to offer discounts or sales. If that’s the case – don’t be shy about promoting new stock or...

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October 2020 Message from Chamber President

Systemic racism. White privilege. Sexism. Topics of 2020. Leaders, no matter where you lead, need to learn to be uncomfortable in conversations that relate to these topics. I don’t believe we can fairly expect our leaders to handle these situations perfectly as they arise in day-to-day life. But we should expect them to stand up for those without a voice or a platform from which to speak. To learn. To guide others through these waters. To challenge humanity to do better. At the recent BC provincial debate, the candidates were asked how they have reckoned with their own white privilege. In my opinion, both our Premier and the Liberal Party leader fell short in their responses. However, it prompted me to ask myself the question: “How would I have responded?” It is another of many times I have reflected on this subject this year. The even more vital question is: what would I do or say if faced with such a situation today? If racism, sexism or an example of white privilege showed up right in front of me? We have all had those moments—those ones like the Liberal Party “roast” that was recently broadcast, containing overt sexism. This episode was terrible for so many reasons but perhaps most impactful was that it was perpetrated by one woman on another. Coupled with the failure of the party leader in...

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