Position: Summer Internship – Project Administration Officer

To apply, please submit a resume with a cover letter to manager@princerupertchamber.ca, the deadline is May 21st, but we will be interviewing candidates before this date.


Commitment: 23 weeks

Start date: We aim to hire by end of May to first week of June

Location: Prince Rupert, BC

Compensation: 15.20 hourly for 40 hours per week


The applicant must be:

  1. between 15 and 30 years of age (inclusive) at the start of employment;
  2. A Canadian Citizen, permanent resident, or person on whom refugee protection has been conferred under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act*; and
  3. Legally entitled to work according to the relevant provincial / territorial legislation and regulations.

The Prince Rupert & District Chamber of Commerce exists to connect, support and advocate for the business communities they serve. At a time when business activities are increasingly shifting online, work/life patterns are changing, and amidst various macro-economic shifts in commerce and trade, the Chamber is well-positioned to facilitate the sharing of knowledge, build the capacity of local enterprises to adapt to greater trends, and to better understand and communicate the commercial landscape in the community.

Reporting to the Executive Director of the Chamber, the Project Administrator Officer will support the Executive Director in communicating with a variety of member businesses, institutions, and volunteers to understand, map and mobilize the information detailing Prince Rupert & District’s business community. Through analysis of Prince Rupert’s Business Community, the Project Administrator Officer will support the coordination of events, activities and projects that address and aim to overcome local business community challenges.

The Project Administration Officer will also be tasked with channeling this information and knowledge into collaborative action by creating and iterating Chamber activities and piloting tangible initiatives in response to the desires, and evidence-based project examples uncovered through their work. Ultimately, the Project Coordinator will support gathering information to help foster a business culture of collaboration, innovation, and entrepreneurial thinking to bolster and diversify the social and economic assets of Prince Rupert’s business community.

Activities and Deliverables

Key projects:

  • Annual Chamber Business Survey with our members to ask about the areas of support they would like to receive from the Chamber to ensure the organization is providing value to their members.
  • Welcome package to new businesses in the community: This document will provide new businesses in Prince Rupert and District of Port Edward with a resource to understand the supports in the community. This will be in partnership with the City of Prince Rupert and key community organizations that provide services to businesses.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Finding new and innovative ways for the Chamber to better communicate to Chamber members to meet its mission of connecting, advocating, and supporting businesses.
  2. Learning and connecting with businesses of all sizes and types, and a priority is finding ways to respectfully build relationships and partnerships with indigenous businesses
  3. Collect, analyze and mobilize information about the local business landscape to better inform Chamber members, community development organizations, and other stakeholders.
  4. Based on the information gathered from the above activities, pilot 1+ project-specific gathering, activity or workshop for enhancing local business development.
  5. Design, coordinate and co-facilitate innovation-inspired event series for information gathering and sharing, business development opportunities, community capacity building and entrepreneurialism

Desired Skills and Capabilities

  • Relationship Building: The ability to communicate efficiently and professionally with clients. This also involves effectively working with others to coordinate tasks, share resources, plan, make decisions, negotiate, solve conflicts, and complete other activities that involve teamwork.
  • Information Management Skills: The ability to exchange thoughts and information with other people. This skill is applied when to talking to customers, discussing products with suppliers, explaining work procedures to co-workers, participating in virtual sales meetings with clients, and other activities that involve verbal or written exchanges.
  • Digital Competency: The ability to apply digital technology skills to input, access, analyze, organize, create and communicate information and ideas using computers, software, point-of-sale equipment, email, podcasts, web applications, smart phones and other digital devices.
  • Leadership – The ability to apply leadership skills when working in a team, demonstrating initiative, and taking responsibility for the completion of tasks that require multiple employees. It is important that the candidate be a self starter and have the ability to work independently as required.

Support from Janet Song, Executive Director of Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce)

  1. Provide mentorship, guidance and support with deliverables, work planning and general assistance in navigating the duties and deliverables of the Project Coordinator throughout the internship. This involves committing to weekly check-ins with Project Coordinator and participating in mid-and end-of-term evaluations and feedback sessions.
  2. Provide physical infrastructure (office space, meeting rooms, phone & internet,) for deskwork, meetings and communications between the Project Coordinator, the NCIL, and other relevant stakeholders and supporters
  3. Contribute to work planning and deliverable setting (prior to start, and periodically throughout term), in collaboration with NCIL team and Project Coordinator. This involves with working with the Project Coordinator to adjust the project, goals, and deliverables as the project evolves over the course of the term
  4. Facilitate meetings between Project Coordinator and key stakeholders, organizations and committees (independently and/or with support from NCIL)
  5. Review and provide input on project deliverables (such as reports, presentations, events, etc.)
  6. Provide a clear mandate for the Project Coordinator to communicate with other organizations, stakeholders, and other project-related interest groups
  7. Lead efforts and activities to include Project Coordinator i host organization team, especially early in placements, for PC inclusion and orientation to organizational culture, mission, history, etc.
  8. Co-convene, facilitate, and/or participate in 1+ capacity building workshop(s) f
  9. Ex. Workshops, seminars, events, or other project-related activities
  10. Communicate and coordinate with the Taskforce Committee to ensure the project is on track and meeting goals (if such a committee is formed)

About Prince Rupert

Prince Rupert is a city with 12,000 inhabitants, of which nearly 50 percent identify as First Nations. Situated in the coastal temperate rainforest, Prince Rupert is a beautiful city with historical, cultural and economic significance for British Columbia and Canada at large.

Traditionally a community that relied on fishing and forestry for economic stability and employment, Prince Rupert is now home to international trade and export facilities of national and international significance. These trade and export logistics activities bring great commercial and employment opportunities to the community, yet also put pressure on the local labour market by drawing residents to work for higher industry wages.

Small and medium-sized businesses are also challenged by the shift to online business activities and shopping, and new entrepreneurs have access to limited data on local economic opportunities, with a plurality of support organizations and services competing to serve them. With so many different sources of support and information, and an economic landscape that booms and busts, Prince Rupert’s business community faces significant challenges when it comes to economic adaptation and resilience.

Supporting current and prospective enterprises with valid economic data, well-designed opportunities for information sharing and networking, and new opportunities to participate in the business community, are all objectives of the Prince Rupert & District Chamber of Commerce. Bringing energy and capacity to execute on these activities will provide important lessons on how to fulfill the Chamber’s mandate while providing effective pathways to business development and diversification to Prince Rupert.

About the Prince Rupert & District Chamber of Commerce

The Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce is a not-for-profit organization helping promote your business and raise your profile in the area of Prince Rupert, Port Edward and neighbouring communities.

As the voice of business in the area, we represent businesses spanning a variety of industries, specialties and interests. With nearly 300 members, our Chamber membership includes our community’s biggest employers, small and medium-size businesses as well as home-based entrepreneurs, non-profits and more.

We are moving forward with fresh ideas and a genuine sense of excitement for where we are going as an organization. The Chamber strives to have a focus on strong policy that supports local businesses, be a visible and approachable presence in the community and ensure that the value of membership is the best investment businesses can make.

Key programs and services include monthly lunch & learn sessions, bi-weekly newsletters, business excellence awards, partnerships with local organizations to support the local economy, and a five-month youth mentorship program. We also provide businesses of all sizes resources to operate sustainably such as membership benefits of digital support, hosting networking session to market the businesses, cost discounts, and competitive insurance rates. Our mission is to support, connect, and advocate for businesses in our community. We aim to be the voice of businesses; a leader and champion for an inclusive, resilient and informed business community.