Presidents Message

“What About the Dishes” … as we regroup into recovery and the BC Restart plan (Phase 2) we need to ensure that all of the pieces required to move into a new way of creating and sustaining business are considered, as every piece is important.

The article below was written by a restaurant in Alberta about their pending decision to reopen for business and all the facets they have to first consider. It really resonated with me on many different levels, but specifically, as it related to the monumental changes required for many businesses;  that nothing is too small a detail for consideration and that this will take the collaboration of all.

The article takes us through everything a food services provider needs to consider in a reopening and continuity effort, from dishes to revenue to the diner experience. To me this translates across the business spectrum.

Six Frustrating Challenges to Reopening a Restaurant in the COVID 19 Era.


This week I also listened in on a Canada 2020 Recovery Project call where the subject was  Subnational Government: Leading the pivot from Crisis to Recovery. The panel on the call was made up of two former Provincial Premiers, Alison Redford and Gordon Campbell, and Dannel Mallory former Governor of Connecticut.

My key reflections from this call that I believe merit some thought over the coming weeks and months are as follows:

All levels of government & community are needed to lead the recovery.

Collaboration and transparency (honesty) are essential.

Do we need to talk about what concerns us? What scares us?

What opportunities do you see? That may be different from my own. Ask & listen.

We have a great opportunity to do things differently but will we? Are we prepared to learn something? Try something new?

We must take the economy in a new direction economically, socially, and governmentally.

“Take off our old glasses, and put on new ones.” (Shout out to our Optometry stores as they reopen)

Our communities have clearly demonstrated that they do not need to be mandated to do the right things to support each other as we inherently have done it.

As businesses we need to celebrate the response of our communities during this crisis.

Concerns: We have built (created) massive debt during COVID 19 (government/personal), now how do we create economic growth.  With consideration for our “new normal”. What is sustainable?

It is about economic & financial management from every level (local  levels of government & personally as well)

Everyone needs to be contributors, at the table, and everyone needs to listen.

Our community.  Our country. How do we ensure the sustainability of our own economy?

In closing, I would love to hear your thoughts on how we move forward into Recovery and Resiliency. This conversation belongs to us all and no detail is too small. So I ask you, “What about the dishes?”

In your service,

Michelle Boomars-MacNeill,