A SOUP-ER way to fight community social isolation:

How can you lend a hand in your community at this time?

Introducing Shelia, the coordinator of The Better at Home program which helps seniors stay in their homes. They have 58 clients.

“Since many of our seniors are low income and many are reluctant to visit the grocery stores we are trying to provide some food support by delivering them some frozen soups and baked goods once a week.

If you are willing to bake muffins and freeze them two to a package you can drop them off at the Seniors centre (21 Grenville Crt, Prince Rupert, BC V8J 1R3) on Thursdays between 1-3pm. I will be there. If that time is not convenient just let me know when you could drop them off or I could pick them up.

Thanks so much for your interest. My cell number is 250 600 1518 and email if you wish to call in person. Please let me know if you have any questions.”

Action item: Connect with your grapevine to pack some soups/ baked goods and drop them off at the seniors centre 🙂

FAQs and comments:

1. How to make your food safely: I spoke with the coordinator through the phone, and she said that we are to make it (heat it all up to kill germs), then freeze it (virus should die-off on surfaces after a few hours anyways) and then drop them off.

2. Freezing baked goods: If people bake cookies, could they freeze them 4 to a Ziplock

3. FUN WAY TO ADD MORE IMPACT: To add a social, yet physically distant, element to it I was thinking about putting a sticky note of encouragement on the soup container (you may not get it back, so put your food in a Ziploc bag) and also if you are comfortable to put in your email or number for them to contact you for a chat. The thing that impacts seniors the most is the lack of social interaction. Maybe

4. Share your lovely creations on Facebook to add HYPE — just made some lovely chilly and packed it in plastic yogurt cup — pack food in ziplock bags or clean and food-safe recyclable containers you don’t mind giving away

Thank you, Shelia, for all your work in supporting the Prince Rupert Senior Community. It was a joy to deliver some frozen soup. She collects frozen soups and baked gods at the Senior Centre from 1pm-3pm every Thursday. We are happy to lend a hand too.

Janet Song

Business Innovation Project Coordinator, North Coast Innovation Lab & Prince Rupert and District Chamber of Commerce