Community. Collaboration. Commerce.

To summarize my week for you thus far, I have been a part of three online calls regarding Chamber business. First, our weekly COVID 19 Partnership call which sees partners and stakeholders from municipal, provincial and federal levels of government, economic development, Chamber and local businesses join forces to tackle information sharing and asking tough questions for the greater good as we work through this unprecedented crisis. As well the Chamber Communications and Strategic Initiative Committees’ each held meetings to refocus our priorities and plans in the wake of COVID 19.

I am proud as a Rupertite to witness the many in our community who are stepping up to assist our local businesses with support and initiatives. We thank everyone who is doing their part, from sharing of storefront hours, business shout outs, financial resources and sometimes to just listen. The Prince Rupert & District Chamber has worked hard to create partnerships amongst all levels of business and government, and now these collaborations are imperative and a cohesive approach is essential. The perseverance of all through this crisis is truly a community initiative.

The Chamber has committees that plan and execute on strategies built to support our local commerce activities. I invite individuals who wish to assist during this continuity and recovery planning phase to reach out to us to join a committee. Communications, Strategic Initiatives, Events and Policy committees meet regularly and never has there been a more critical time to share information, knowledge and resources. For other entities out there who also support the development of local commerce and economics to contact the Chamber so that we can collaborate and share resources. Many hands make light work and these partnerships are vital to the continuation of business that will be forever changed as a result of this crisis.

I also just wanted to share a quick resource for Leaders, Employees and Self-Employed people within our business community. The attached Plan for Resilience, Workplace Edition could assist you now in your and your employees emotional mindset during this time.

On a personal note, I have over the last number of years worked hard to shift my survivor mindset to a thriver mindset. Sometimes easier said than done, but practicing the shift, can certainly make a time like this more bearable.

The Provincial Government started the discussion that goes beyond funding and finances, and straight to the heart of the matter at hand. Our mental health and wellness during a time of unprecedented crisis. They announced enhanced virtual services for existing mental health programs and services with an injection of $5 million.

Just a reminder, to look out for your emotional well-being at this time as well.

To my Board, our Manager and our project consultants, a humble and sincere thank you for continuing to support your community, even as you deal with your own situations that this crisis has impacted.

To the communities we serve, we are her for you. Stay tuned as we move through this crisis, in full support of you.

Take good care, Michelle Boomars-MacNeill