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A bit about the Prince Rupert Special Events Society

Prince Rupert Special Events

Prince Rupert Children's Fest

Children’s Fest

Since 1992 the Prince Rupert Special Events Society (PRSES) has been proudly at the helm of some of Prince Rupert’s best community events; Seafest, Winterfest, Children’s Fest and the Canada Day Celebrations. Every year these dedicated folks round up the community to enjoy the fun activities, harnessing the creative and excited powers of local residents to host activities, stations and more.


What’s coming up for Special Events?

Seafest is once again at our doorstop and this year’s fun and fitting theme is “Gumboots and Raindrops” a tribute to Prince Rupert’s somewhat damp reputation. Come liquid sunshine or real sunshine we know you will be out enjoying the festivities starting Friday and going through until Sunday.


What does PRSES say is the key to their success?

A society of volunteers is as dynamic as they want to be. Encourage energetic, youthful people to volunteer their time for the betterment of their community. When like-minded people get together there are explosions of excitement and ideas for wonderful events to be created.

A few words from the community about the Prince Rupert Special Events Society:

Prince Rupert Special Events works incredibly hard each and every year to create large community events like Seafest and Winterfest. The dedication and commitment by the organizers and volunteers is one of the hallmarks of what makes our community such a great place to live. The events bring together people from all walks of life from local businesses to local cultural groups – it’s truly an organization that unites us all and celebrates our community spirit.

Lee Brain

Mayor, City of Prince Rupert

Special Events is on the front-line of making Rupert such a special place to live, work and visit. All of the great events they host add to our quality of life and to our cash registers.

John Farrell

General Manager, Community Futures PNW

Follow Prince Rupert Special Events:

Prince Rupert’s 38th Annual Seafest Celebration happens June 10-12, 2016. Download a copy of the schedule here or view the schedule online at RupertReigns.com

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